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Our Story

Strengthening families and community in the Hilltops

Founded in 1986, Young Neighbourhood Centre Inc, trading as Hilltops Community Hub has been servicing the Hilltops LGA for over 35 years! 

Located at 2c Campbell Street, Hilltops Community Hub offers information and referral, assists people to connect with services and offers a range of activities, workshops, events, courses and programs.


The Hub also offers support services, parenting programs, practical advice and somewhere to go when things go wrong. We're the ideal organisation to visit if:

  • You or your family need support 

  • You want to join in on activities and events or learn new skills 

  • You want to help to fill in forms or talk to a Government Department

  • You feel low or need to talk to someone


Family Support

Family Workers are available to provide support to individuals and families Monday through Friday. 


Our Workers are experienced in assisting families to navigate issues that affect all families from time to time. Common issues can include: relationships, child behaviour, safety, housing, confidence, domestic violence, mental health concerns or finance.


Parenting Programs

The Hub runs a number of programs designed to assist parents to better understand the parenting role and their child's stages of development.


Parenting Programs give common sense strategies to cope with the challenges all parents face sometimes!


Support Groups & Other Activities

Hilltops Hub have a number of regular activities and Support Groups available including:

  • Craft for Children. and Adults

  • Seniors Computer Group

  • School Holiday Activities

  • Book/Resources Libraries

  • Art Classes + Workshops

  • Djemble Drumming

  • No Interest Loan Scheme

  • Grandparents as Parents Support Group 

  • FACETS Carer Support Group


Use of Facilities 

Hilltops can assist with low cost:

  • Emails 

  • Photocopying

  • Printing

  • Room Hire

  • Phone Calls

  • Faxing 

We also have 'FREE' shelves where you can find bread, fruit and vege, sanitary products and tinned food most days. 

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