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Family Support

Family Support Workers provide support to individuals and families through:

  • Home or office visits

  • via telephone

  • Out in the community e.g. park/cafe

Anyone can request an appointment by phoning or dropping in. 

After answering a few simple questions you will be linked to a Family Support Worker who will assist in talking through your unique situation. 

Our service is Free and Confidential. 


Our Family Support Staff:

  • Work with families based on trust and respect

  • Support the safety and development of all children, young people and adults

  • Respect the different social and diverse background from which families come

  • Include families in planning and decision making 

  • Are flexible and responsive to the individual needs of families 

  • Enjoy working with families to build quality of family life 

Child Preparing to Leave Home for School

Families use this service to work on:

  • Family Relationships

  • Children's Behaviour 

  • Isolation 

  • Housing 

  • Parenting 

  • Basic Financial Management 

  • Family & Children Safety to: problem solve, get advice and talk things through

Parent and Child

The Family Support Service has operated for over 25 years assisting families to:

  • Improve well-being

  • Strengthen family connections

  • Enhance independence 

  • Be sufficient 

  • Increase safety

  • Parent positivity 

  • Improve quality of life for children, young people and families


Workers are available:

Monday 9:00am - 3:30pm

Tuesday to Friday 9:00am - 4:30pm 

To make an appointment please phone or drop into the Hilltops Community Hub. We're located at 2c Campbell Street, Young NSW. 

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